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2023-2024Web appSustainabilityOpen Source

Client: Self-initiated (website)

Built together with: & Open Sustainable Technology

ClimateTriage is an open-source web application that catalyzes contributions to projects focused on climate technology and sustainability.

It serves as a curated platform for developers to engage with various open-source initiatives addressing climate change, sustainable energy, and more.


Open Source projects are helping the world, especially on the sustainability angle, not enough is being done to help others contribute.

There's a lot of Open Source projects out there, but as a contributor it's very difficult to find the right one to contribute to that matches your skills and interests.

As for the product itself, the challenge was creating a platform that not only showcases projects but also facilitates easy contribution by developers, enhancing the open-source community's impact on sustainability.


Developed using Next.js and TypeScript, ClimateTriage integrates with the API to download and showcase a list of relevant projects and issues. The site, hosted on GitHub Pages, is built and updated through a CI/CD pipeline, reflecting the latest open-source opportunities for contributors.


More than 1400 unique users in the first 48 hours of the launch. This includes people who have volunteered their time, contributed code, and identified new projects for the list.

As an open-source project itself, ClimateTriage has garnered additional contributions, underscoring its community-driven ethos. It stands as a testament to collaborative efforts in the tech community, aiming to create substantial impacts in the fight against climate change through open-source technology.

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This webapp was built using Next.js and TypeScript, utilizing a static export together with a github action to deploy on github pages.
  • Next.js, a core technology in my development stack.Next.js
  • React, a core technology in my development stack.React
  • TypeScript, a core technology in my development stack.TypeScript
  • Github
  • Actions

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