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Client: Ekofolio SARL
Ekofolio | Codeshark

Ekofolio, a fintech startup, aims to democratize investments in sustainable forestry, allowing people to contribute to climate health while investing in their financial future.

Tasked with developing a platform that simplifies investing in forests, I focused on building a user-friendly frontend that handles transactions, KYC integration, and enables users to easily track their investment balances.

For this, Codeshark delivered a comprehensive solution combining a React-based frontend, a robust API for financial transactions, and a CMS for product display and user authentication.


In order to facilitate token purchases and other transactions, we had to integrate KYC (Know Your Customer) seamlessly into the user experience, ensuring it didn't deter users early on.

In addition, it was important that the user could access their holdings at any time, seeing any value-changes and taking necessary actions if need be.


In order to solve these challeges, serious thought needed to be put into the user journey, so that both the goal of the product and compliance was met dilligently.

We solved it by offering a React-based frontend to manage the user-system (where the user was allowed to check balances, take actions & more). This webapp talked directly to the underlying API taking care of the financial logic for the entire system.

In addition, it was important for the company itself to easily edit product and marketing pages - without tying them into the financial logic. This was solved using a CMS, using Umbraco, which in addition also had its own content API created to pull content elsewhere and remain flexible.


Successfully launched Ekofolio, fully funding its first offering, demonstrating the platform's effectiveness and user engagement.

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This webapp was built using React, together with user authentication from Umbraco and an external API for financial stats. All working together with Stripe for purchases.
  • React, a core technology in my development stack.React
  • TypeScript, a core technology in my development stack.TypeScript
  • Redux, a core technology in my development stack.Redux
  • Stripe
  • Umbraco, a core technology in my development stack.Umbraco
  • .NET, a core technology in my development stack..NET
  • Sass, a core technology in my development stack.Sass

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