Mine Knogler mobile app

2022-2023Digital Health (Osteoporosis)Mobile AppHeadless CMS
Client: OSAIA Health ApS

Mine Knogler is part of OSAIA’s strategy to offer help to anyone dealing with the chronic disease osteoporosis.

Mine Knogler App | Codeshark
Mine Knogler App | Codeshark

Having the opportunity to re-create their freemium app, previously supported by the Danish health ministry, OSAIA asked Codeshark to rebuild the entire app from scratch - using modern technology and compliance best practice.

To solve this, Codeshark provided a full solution; built using a headless CMS and react-native (expo) to build a cross-platform mobile app.


OSAIA is a startup in the pre market-fit phase, giving it unique constraints on the development process.

Building cross-platform apps poses unique challenges and decisions. In the old days, you were forced to create a full project, with its own specific code, for a given platform (Android or iOS). Luckily we have better alternatives in mobile development these days.

The client additionally wanted something that would be easy to maintain and upgrade, moving forward.


Managing the content of the mobile app

Satisfying the requirements of the client; a CMS was configured to manage the wealth of information inside of the app. The (headless) CMS had the responsibility of managing all content, while being able to be changed at any time. We chose Umbraco for the CMS, and added a custom API on top to be consumed from the mobile app.

This allowed the client to add/change/remove articles and other content from the app instantly.

Building the mobile app

Next up was the mobile app, Mine Knogler. This was the biggest chunk of work in the project and required some well thought out decisions to keep the workload and future maintenance and/or upgrades to a minimum.

Instead of choosing to build the apps separately, in different coding languages, we decided to opt for creating the project with TypeScript & Expo (React-Native). Expois a framework that makes it easy to build cross-platform apps using a structure very similar to React projects.

Choosing this kind of technology made it easy to make the app both for iOS and Android using the same coding language (TypeScript), and made it much easier for the client to hire anyone to take over the project when and if necessary.

This project culminated in a significant achievement: the Mine Knogler app was accepted on both the App Store and Google Play on the first submission. This success is a testament to the meticulous attention to data privacy and compliance requirements embedded in the app's development.

Mine Knogler on Google PlayMine Knogler on AppStore

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This app was built using Expo, which is a layer on top of React-Native, together with Umbraco as a headless CMS.
  • React, a core technology in my development stack.React
  • TypeScript, a core technology in my development stack.TypeScript
  • Expo, a core technology in my development stack.Expo
  • Umbraco, a core technology in my development stack.Umbraco
  • .NET, a core technology in my development stack..NET
  • Sass, a core technology in my development stack.Sass
  • Webpack, a core technology in my development stack.Webpack

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