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Client: Self-initiated
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Phishbase was born from the realization that traditional anti-phishing solutions failed to address the nuanced realities of email threats, operating strictly in black and white terms. Our mission was to introduce a solution capable of navigating the "gray zones" of cybersecurity, offering organizations a more adaptable, intelligent email security gateway.


Developing Phishbase posed significant technical challenges, notably constructing a reliable email security gateway that could seamlessly function as a watchful intermediary for all organizational email traffic. This endeavor required not just technical prowess but a reimagining of how email threats could be identified and mitigated. Utilizing anomalytics.

In addition, it was important that the solution was highly reliable, as customers would be routing their emails through it.


Leveraging the versatility of Node.js and SMTP, Phishbase introduced a real application of fuzzy logic in cybersecurity. This allowed for unprecedented flexibility in threat detection, moving beyond predefined security measures to a system where organizations could dictate their own parameters for threat identification.

Phishbase's capability to dynamically analyze, identify, and act on potential threats coupled with its novel approach to customizable security regimes offered a fresh perspective on email security.

Most importantly, instead of letting potential threats go through, the solution provided information to the enduser to take a rational decision themselves, where traditional solutions wouldn't do anything.


Phishbase's approach to email security was revolutionary, offering out-of-the-box detection of phishing attempts, data-loss prevention, and insights into email traffic patterns. The solution's emphasis on user-defined security parameters and its potential application in anomalytics showcased our forward-thinking strategy in addressing cybersecurity challenges.

Though Phishbase's journey ended shortly after its inception, its innovative approach and the challenges it overcame remain a testament to the potential for creative solutions in the cybersecurity field. Our venture into the gray areas of threat detection and prevention highlighted the importance of flexibility and adaptability in technology solutions.


Phishbase demonstrated that innovation in cybersecurity requires not just technical expertise but a willingness to challenge the status quo. While the project concluded, its legacy lies in its approach to problem-solving and the ongoing quest for smarter, more responsive security solutions.

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The solution relied on a customized Ubuntu machine, utilizing a method of SMTP routing. Additional functionality built on top with Node.js & React.
  • Node.js, a core technology in my development stack.Node.js
  • React, a core technology in my development stack.React
  • TypeScript, a core technology in my development stack.TypeScript
  • Smtp
  • Ubuntu

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